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     Julia has over 13 years of cheerleading experience.  Her passion for the sport began in High School where she cheered all 4 years.  She was voted MVP and Captain of both the JV and Varsity squads.  She has coached over 30 squads and well over 400 athletes in the past 13 years and took two squads to Nationals at Disney as back-to-back Regional Champions and over the past 7 years has led teams to more than 10 National Championship Titles, 4 Overall Level Championships, an Award of Excellence, Spirit of Champion Awards and Grand Champions.  Julia is NCA certified and has won an award for Creative Choreography.
     Julia also possesses a creative talent at exhibition performances.  She is currently the two time winner of the Lee County Loony Lions Club Invitational, where she put together themed based exhibitions that excite the crowd and pulls a team together and lets them have a ton of fun!  These teams get invited to perform statewide throughout the year!  Julia uses the love of her sport to reach the kids she coaches.  Cheer and kids are definitely her passion!
     Julia is Co-Owner of Sanford Academy (Home of the Infinity Cheer Empire) and is also the Cheer Director.

     Julia has been married to her husband, Jeff, for 25 years.  Their son, Daniel, is at Central Carolina with plans to transfer to NC State University, and their daughter, Brittany, recently marries and is a RN at Moore Regional First Health in Pinehurst, NC.




     Julia's love of the sport is not restricted to the area of All Stars. She has hosted Cheer, Tumbling and Choreography camps for Middle Schools, High Schools and recreational squads as well.

Julia is excited about the direction the cheer program has taken. Her goal is to put the little town of Sanford on the map and to make Infinity Cheer Empire a force to be reckoned with! Sanford is a small town, and she is setting out to prove that big things can happen in little places!

Her goal is to reach athletes on a personal level and help them excel as individuals as well as athletes and performers! There will come a day that they must hang up their uniforms, trophies and medals, and her goal is to teach them life skills that they can carry throughout life.


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