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At Infinity Cheer Empire we are a family!  We train our kids to be their best, both as an individual and as an athlete.  More than putting together a routine, we strive to teach our kids teamwork, commitment, personal responsibility, hard work and dedication.    We take pride in pulling out the best in every child, regardless of their age or level of experience or skill.


We are the largest, best equipped, fastest growing program in Sanford.  We’ve watched our kids who began as shy, quiet individuals with minimal skill take the floor with pride, excitement and enthusiasm in a matter of months.   They develop a sense of confidence and self-esteem as they progress and become a part of our cheer family. 

Our staff is dedicated, motivating and very caring!  We often arrive early and stay late for kids who want to spend extra time working their skills.   We strive to do all of this in an environment that is fun and positive.   You can’t put a price on watching a kid who started with no skill come to life as they develop a sense of pride and accomplishment.


 “We’re Building an Empire, one athlete at a time”



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